Obituary Notice for Will Tomlinson

On Thursday, December 3, 1863, the Ripley (Ohio) Bee printed the following article:

FATAL AFFRAY.—Last Friday night, WILL. TOMLINSON was shot in the side by Richard Mitchell of Kentucky. The wound was fatal. Mr. Tomlinson died Sunday night. We have heard various and conflicting accounts of this lamentable affair, and are unable to give a reliable account of it. In the recontre [sic], Mitchell was stabbed several times SEVERELY, but not dangerously, by a son of Mr. Tomlinson, about 16 years of age. For obituary notice of the deceased, the reader is referred to the appropriate column.

The next column in the December 3rd issue of the Bee includes the following obituary notice for Will under the heading of "Died." A typographical error appears for the date he was wounded, which was not December 28, but Friday, November 27, 1863.

For the Bee:

WILL TOMLINSON, whose remains were on Tuesday last interred in the Ripley Cemetery by a great concourse of his friends, died from the effects of a pistol shot received on the night of the 28th of December 1863.

Since 1844 he has been connected with the newspaper business, and is well known as an able editor, having conducted several prominent journals in Ohio, and at one time the "Iowa State Journal." He has filled several civil offices, once one of the Clerks of the Iowa House of Representatives and Justice of the Peace at the City of Desmoines.

At the breaking out of the rebellion, then at Cincinnati, he was among the first to go at his country's call and joined a company principally composed of printers, and was elected Lieutenant, which company camped at the first camp made in Ohio, CAMP HARRISON. After serving in that capacity and fighting the rebels in West Virginia, he raised a company there and was elected Captain. He was compelled to resign on account of a disease of the lungs contracted in the Virginia Mountains.

His last editorial efforts were made in the publication of the "Loyal Scout" at this place which publication done much to change the political opinions of the voters of Brown county, a well known Democratic county. He himself, from the time he became a naturalized citizen (being of English birth) identified himself with the old Democratic party. But his adopted country being assailed, he at once knew on which side to stake his all and that was, "for his country first, last and all the time."

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