Obituary Notices for Eliza Wylie Tomlinson

From the July 8, 1885 issue of the Ripley (Ohio) Bee and Times:

Mrs. Eliza Tomlinson, widow of Capt. W.B. Tomlinson, died at the home of her brother, Dr. A. N. Wylie, in this city, on last Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.

Mrs. Eliza Wylie Tomlinson was a native of Washington county, Pennsylvania. She came to Ripley with her parents when a very small child. The place was then but a hamlet. She has been a resident ever since, with the exception of a few interims when her husband's business required their home elsewhere. The longest of these was in Des Moines, Iowa, where they lived from 1856 to 1860. From early years she had been a member of the Methodist Church—never demonstrative, but gentle, earnest and sincere. She was one of those sweet, bright, intelligent Christians, who could always give a reason for the faith that was in her. Her literary work, under various nom de plumes, was always greeted with the highest appreciation. But few knew who the modest writer was. In disposition she was kind and pleasant, full of consideration for others, but when roused by conscience to oppose or condemn, there was a wonderful determination, and her words seemed fraught with resistless power. She has been sick for a year or more, not with any specific well defined disease. The fires of physical life have been gradually dying out. Since the last alarming change set in, less than a week ago, she suffered very little, and passed away gently, as a child would fall asleep.

The funeral took place yesterday afternoon from Dr. Wylie's residence, Rev. F. M. Clemans officiating. Her remains were deposited in Maplewood Cemetery beside those of her husband.

From the July 16, 1885 edition of the Maysville (Kentucky) Bulletin:

The many friends and relatives of this distinguished lady, among the readers of the BULLETIN, will with mournful interest, read the following extract from the Ripley Budget:

Mrs. Tomlinson was born near Washington, Pa., and came with her parents to Ripley, when very small. She has been a resident of this place most of the time since. She was the daughter of Dr. Adam Wylie and wife Sarah Byers Wylie, and came of a talented and distinguished ancestry, inheriting wonderful mental power coupled with a remarkably loveable disposition. She was a member of the Methodist Church, and no one could doubt the purity and sincerity of her religion. She was modest and quiet in all the walks of life and sensitively honorable.

In the fall of '63 she was widowed by the tragic death of her husband, Capt. Will Tomlinson, well known for his journalistic genius and gallant patriotism. Since then her sole care seemed for the two surviving children from her family of five. She gave them a good education and all the moral influences one of the best mothers could exert.

In her early days she devoted some attention to literary work, and as a writer ranked among the best.

For several years her home has been with her brother, Dr. A.N. Wylie. It was there she passed quietly away Sunday afternoon. Her sickness had lasted almost a year. Death came from a gradual exhaustion of her delicate physical powers. Trouble and sorrow wore upon her sensitive nature. The deaths of children, brothers, sisters, and husband and mother were terrrible afflictions and it was her way to bear the burden in her heart, saying nothing. In her death this community loses one of its brightest and purest minds. The funeral services at the Doctor's residence, Tuesday afternoon, called together a remarkably large attendance of the oldest residents of the city and country surrounding. The discourse by Rev. R. M. Clemens was very touching and appropriate. Her mortal remains were laid to rest beside those of her husband, in Maplewood Cemetery.

Photo above: Bottom left, Eliza Wylie Tomlinson; Top left, Dr. Thomas Byers Wylie, Sarah Byers Wylie, and Dr. Adam Newton Wylie (Eliza's two older brothers and mother).


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