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"The most dangerous rock an editor can strike is the TRUTH,” wrote William Byers Tomlinson in his farewell column as editor of the Ripley Bee (Ripley, Ohio, April 29, 1880). He had seen his father killed in 1863 for his editorial support of the Union cause. Yet he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps as a newspaper editor and publisher. Why?

That is one of the questions Pat Donohoe wants to answer in the book she is writing. The book is based upon a collection of nearly 300 letters that tell the story of her great-great grandparents, Will and Eliza Wylie Tomlinson, and their children, William Byers Tomlinson and Sarah Isabella Tomlinson Smith.

“From their letters and publications, you can see that they were bold, brave, and passionate in their loyalties,” Pat says.

Pat has spent years transcribing and documenting the letters and researching the background of her ancestors. She is working on having the letters available online.

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