"The most dangerous rock an editor can strike is the truth.” So wrote Pat's great grandfather, William Byers Tomlinson. He had seen his father killed for what he wrote.
Yet he chose to follow in his father's footsteps. Why?

That is one of the questions Pat wanted to answer in
The Printer's Kiss.

It took 15 years of research to find the answer, and
along the way Pat discovered more than she ever thought
she would.

"It was an amazing time, full of serendipitous twists and
turns," she says of the book's intriguing backstory.

Her journey with the letters actually began in 1970 when
her sister Betsy asked their Aunt Betsy about a cracker tin
wedged between some books on a hallway shelf.

"It was the right question to the right person at the right time, and it led to the acquisition of 150 letters from our ancestors," Pat says.

Many years later, in 2006, while Pat was working on a book using those letters, a fortuitous tip from a librarian resulted in Pat's purchase of another 150 letters from eBay vendors.

After 150 years of being scattered, some 300 letters from her ancestors had finally come together—exactly when a direct descendant was writing about them.

"Their dramatic story reads like a novel, but is about a real family who refused to let extraordinary times rob them of the gifts of life," Pat says.


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