Time Out

It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted my last entry. What’s happened?

Life. Since my last entry I’ve done quite a bit more research and written several more chapters for the historical novel I’m working on, researched and conceptualized a sermon, participated in a week-long painting workshop, spent at least one day a week with my daughter and three grandchildren, done my spring gardening, hosted and/or celebrated my grandson’s baptism and several family birthdays, and dealt with the death of my brother Bobby.

Dave’s and my upcoming plans also include a two-day workshop in Lancaster, PA, on forgiveness; a week-long painting retreat at Blackwater Falls State Park in WV; and a weekend at a nearby resort at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland.

Sometimes I feel that I’ll NEVER get these books done! But each time I veer away from them for a while, something important turns up, something that enriches them and would never have been part of the process if it weren’t for the time out. 

I wonder what will turn up this time? More letters? Old photos? The perfect editor/agent/publisher? Or something as simple and profound as a new insight? Time will tell.


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