The Journey of the Letters, #19

I have spent much of the last ten years researching and writing about the story of my ancestors who wrote the letters. I’ve learned so much. Yet so many questions remain.

WERE my ancestors involved in the Underground Railroad? A psychic I once consulted said yes! But so far I’ve found no clear proof of their direct involvement.

WHY did Eliza object to Will’s plan of raising a regiment of Negro troops from the Cincinnati area? Was she afraid for his and the family’s safety? Or was she just too prejudiced to support such an idea? 

WHAT exactly happened in the affray between Will and the man who fatally shot him on the banks of the Ohio River on November 27, 1863? Was Will the initiator of their violent encounter? If so, why? And what provoked him?

The more research I do and “lucky breaks” that come my way, the more I’m able to piece the story together, using what I call “informed speculation.” Over the years, a number of dreams have also led me to new insights and provided encouragement and confirmation for the journey that the letters and I are making together.

What still remains amazing to me is that the letters have come together. And that they’ve done so through such an amazing series of serendipitous events. It’s as if they have a life of their own.

I’m grateful to be a part of it.


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