An Artistic Approach

In art as well as in writing, Pat Donohoe enjoys synthesizing the various strands of her professional background and personal interests. “I see painting as visual poetry— emotion recollected in tranquility,” she says, recalling her academic grounding in English Literature. She finds that the whimsical flow of watercolor makes it the perfect medium for creating visual metaphors for nature in all its unpredictability. She also has started experimenting with acrylics.

Her abstracted florals and landscapes drip with luscious color and flow with lyrical rhythm. “There’s nothing timid about my paintings,” she says, “but there are subtle nuances.” Studying photography and working in public relations and publications, she developed a keen eye for bold presentation and symbolic suggestion. Serving as a Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) increased her appreciation of painting as a spiritual practice that celebrates the mystery and beauty of creation.

Art History and Credits

Pat has been a wanna-be artist for as long as she can remember. As a child, she was always engaged in artsy projects, winning a few poster contests along the way. Her high school art teacher encouraged her to major in art, but it wasn’t until 1999, when Pat had a year off after graduating from seminary, that she began taking art classes and painting with intention.

Since then Pat has taken workshops from several well-known artists, but credits Maryland artist, and long-time friend, Joe Mayer, with the most influence on her work. Her art also has benefited from her association with the Friday Painters, a group of painters who paint every Friday around Shepherdstown.

Pat’s paintings have been in numerous shows and galleries in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and were featured in the Winter 2008 edition of the Shepherdstown Good Newspaper.

For a schedule of upcoming shows and more information on Pat’s paintings, contact her at Click on Art Gallery to sample recent paintings.

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